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August 26, 2010

3DTVs not a hit with the British public

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by Darren Allan

With the first 3DTVs not long having hit the market, it seems like they aren’t set to make much of an impact on the British public.

T3 reports that research conducted by Deloitte suggests that over the coming year, only 2% of UK citizens are planning on buying a three dimensional goggle box.

The rest are happy with the odd Avatar style experience at the cinema, and more money left in their bank accounts to spend on popcorn, coke, and sweets with implausibly rustle-prone wrappers.

The survey questioned 4,000 consumers, so it wasn’t one of these tiddly affairs either. The most likely adopters are 25 to 34-year-olds, but even then only 5% of this age group are planning on snagging a 3DTV.

It has to be said, we were never that convinced about the idea of 3DTVs, particularly not given the current economic climate. Maybe three years ago, when all that housing market money was floating around, it might have been a different story; but we doubt it, even then.

We’ll have to see if continued sales follow anywhere close to these very low predictions.

Story link: 3DTVs not a hit with the British public

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