Cat-bin-woman mocked by the Internet

Darren Allan

August 28, 2010

Bank clerk Mary Bale became a figure of hate this week, after a video clip of her putting a cat in a wheelie bin was posted up on YouTube. And was promptly plastered all over the news, everywhere.

The random act of cruelty led to the moggy reportedly being trapped in the bin for over twelve hours before her owners managed to locate and rescue her.

The initial reaction to the woman dubbed as the “Purrminator” by The Sun was that of hatred, unsurprisingly, complete with death threats (which kind of misses the point from an anti-cruelty perspective), and the newspaper stating that her bosses at RBS are expected to fire her.

Bale later claimed the act was a joke, apparently, but it seems that the joke might now be on her, as the online hatred has turned to mockery of the feline-unfriendly lady. Videos have sprung up on YouTube, such as one of a man in a big cat suit dumping a grey-haired woman in a wheelie bin.

And a Twitter account has been set up in the name of CatBinLady, which has quickly become popular, with almost 20,000 followers as of this morning. It contains tweets such as: “Lovely coffee at Brenda’s, but as soon as she left the room I couldn’t help tipping it down the back of her telly. Regretting it already.”

And: “At my niece’s birthday party. The cake’s in the pond. It’s not going down as well as I thought.”

Bale is being investigated for cruelty to animals.


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