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August 28, 2010

Vodafone to offer exclusive green Nokia N8

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by Darren Allan

The wait for the Nokia N8 smartphone has certainly dragged out. The last time we reported on the highly anticipated handset, we speculated it would be out by now, but that clearly hasn’t happened.

As a reader pointed out in the comments thread on our story two week ago, Mobile Fun has actually changed the release date to September 7th. And indeed, it could (and probably will) slide further than that. Another reader claimed Vodafone has told him it won’t be stocking the N8 until October (thanks to David and John respectively).

At any rate, when it finally does emerge, Vodafone has announced that it has an exclusive on a green version of the phone.

And we don’t mean some sort of especially eco-friendly variant, but a green coloured N8. A sort of bright metallic lime green colour, the company announced on Twitter (see here, and thanks to Unwired View for pointing out this tweet).

The colour scheme is certainly different, but we can’t imagine too many people falling over themselves to get hold of what looks like, if you’ll pardon a moment of crudeness, a chunk of luminous snot. It’s hardly the white iPhone, is it?

Still, at least the specs are unaffected by the colour, with the Nokia N8 sporting a 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 12 megapixel camera (which is HD capable), 16GB of memory, GPS, bluetooth and 3G, running Symbian^3.

Story link: Vodafone to offer exclusive green Nokia N8

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