Google doodle celebrates Mary Shelley’s birthday

Darren Allan

August 30, 2010

The latest Google doodle celebrates the birthday of the author Mary Shelley, who was born 213 years ago today, back in 1797.

She is, of course, most well known for her work Frankenstein, a gothic novel which told the story of the infamous monster who was created by man, spurned by all and then driven mad by his plight.

The doodle features a darkened corridor, with paintings hanging in the dim light vaguely spelling out the word Google, with the “l” represented by the shadow of a person – or perhaps the monster – coming down a flight of stairs.

It’s one of the most impressive Google doodles we’ve ever come across. These days, the search site seems to be making a point of reminding us about classic tales and authors. HG Wells was another in an imaginative series of doodles, which was a tribute to his birthday on September 21st last year.

He would have been just 143, so 144 this year, a sprightly young thing compared to Mrs Shelley.


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