Google prepared to pay up $8.5m over Buzz privacy suit

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Google has proposed a settlement for a privacy lawsuit aimed at Buzz, the social networking service that the search company bolted onto its Gmail service.

When Buzz was initially rolled out, many were angered at the lack of transparency of the privacy controls, and the fact that contact lists were made publicly visible by default.

Some of those riled by Google’s decisions were angry enough to take the matter to court, and this lawsuit is a consolidation of those civil actions, The Register reports.

Google has proposed to cough up $8.5 million over the faux-pas, which will mainly be split between costs and pro-privacy organisations, with a small amount going to the individual Buzz users who brought the cases originally.

Hopefully the controversy which marred the launch of Buzz will be something weighing heavily on Google’s thinking, if and when the company does launch the rumoured Google Me fully fleshed out Facebook rival.

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  1. shadow says:

    If Americans didn’t sue would the world end?

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