HTC Desire Froyo update gets pulled by O2

Darren Allan

September 7, 2010

It seems that Froyo and the HTC Desire smartphone is a somewhat controversial mix. First we had Vodafone’s false Froyo update, which turned out to be a 360 patch with lots of extraneous gunk that angered many of the company’s customers.

And now it appears O2 has run into trouble with its Froyo (Android 2.2) update on the Desire, which was rolled out yesterday, and prompted a number of complaints on the O2 forum. Some customers have claimed that their phones have been “bricked” by the update, with the handset simply freezing on the O2 welcome screen.

O2 pulled the 2.2 upgrade after hearing about these issues, and the company told “While many have been able to download [the Desire 2.2 update] successfully, we have had a small number of reports of customers having problems installing the software, which we are looking into.”

One customer who posted on the O2 forum claimed they had been in touch with the company to ask when the Froyo update would be live again, to be told it wouldn’t be until the end of the month. That seems unlikely, mind you, but we’re betting there’s going to be a bit more of a wait now…


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  1. Carl says:

    I have a o2 branded phone which i had in March of this year, it’s always had 2.1update1 and i have been eargerly awaiting froyo 2.2, i did not get the OTA update in the few hours it was available.
    I thought i would help a few o2 customers to upgrade to 2.2 like i have done today via the RUU. I am sure the OTA 2.2 update does not run properly and is suseptable to dropping files OTA.
    1. Install HTC Sync from HTC’s website.
    2. Attach your phone to your PC and choose HTC Sync on the phone as the connection type, wait for the phone to connect to the pc properly before attemting to go any further(HTC Sync application will open and show the phone as connected.
    3. Download The O2 RUU 2.2 Froyo file from here
    4. once downloaded run file as administrator, this will start the update process, just follow the instructions within the RUU application.
    5. One thing to note is when the RUU application starts to update your phone it loads the bootloader driver to your pc, this will in turn come back as an error within the RUU application, dont worry, what you have to do is unplug the phone and restart the pc you will also have to take the battery out of the phone and switch back on again effectively you will have reset the phone, you will have not lost anything from the phone and it will start up normal.
    6. after you have restarted the PC plug in phone again and repeat steps 1 to 4, it may fail on the bootloader again if it does dont unplug this time but just exit the RUU application and re-run it and it will update.
    7. You will have official O2 2.2 Froyo on your phone, this is hoe i did my phone tonight and i have tried all applications and services and it is like having a new phone with the extra features you get with Froyo. BBC iplayer Yehhhhh.

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