Another Google doodle heralds introduction of real-time search results?

Darren Allan

September 8, 2010

Another interactive Google doodle is up on the search engine’s home page today, following Tuesday’s similar effort.

Yesterday, the Google logo exploded into a load of flying coloured balls when you moved the mouse pointer over it. Today is a more restrained affair, with the logo simply being faded out to a grey colour, which looks very dull initially.

However, when you start typing something in the search box, the logo colours itself in with the traditional Google red, yellow, green and blue coming back with each key press.

Again, the question being asked across the net is: What does this mean? Well, it seems that later today, Google is holding some manner of press event, and both these interactive doodles are hints as to what’s coming.

And the majority of speculation points to this one heralding the introduction of real-time search, where results will be displayed dynamically as you are typing a query in. Hence the hint of the logo being coloured in as you type away.

We’ll know for sure later on this evening, when Google starts making announcements.


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  1. Jason says:

    Real time search? meaning seeing what people are searching for as we type? I thought that already existed with the search suggestions

  2. Darren Allan says:

    Real-time search results (also called live search) means that actual results will be returned as you’re typing.

    So say you’re searching for “carpet”, as you’re typing the word and you’ve got as far as “car”, results will be displayed in real-time for cars.

    Not sure about the idea myself, and whether it really adds anything, or could just be confusing with lots of results flicking by underneath the search box as you’re typing.

  3. andy says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s about that! It’s active in my browser for a while now!… have a look

  4. Darren Allan says:

    Thanks for the link Andy, explains it much better than my words :-)

    I see a few people have said they have it already, so it seems pretty certain that’s what will be announced tonight, probably amongst other things…

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