Dr Kawashima brain training coming to Microsoft Kinect

Darren Allan

September 8, 2010

It seems that the next incarnation of Dr Kawashima is coming not on a handheld, but on the Xbox 360 via the Kinect motion control system.

Videogamer.com reports that the game is currently called Lead: New Brain Training Where You Answer With Your Body. A working title if ever there was one, but a name that pretty much sums up where the series is going here.

Obviously, the idea is you’ll answer the various brain teasing questions the game poses with your body.

A video demo of the game over in Japan shows a woman on stage answering a question about telling the time using her arms as the hands of the clock. She also pops numbered balloons in numerical order by waving her hands madly around.

Other mini-games that the title will boast include some kind of version of Pac-Man, and a football game where the ball must be kicked at the goal containing the correct answer to a sum (if that’s ever introduced to real football, expect Wayne Rooney to definitely get dropped from the England squad).

The game will be launched along with Kinect over in Japan in November, and presumably will make its way over here at some point thereafter.

It’ll certainly be an impressive selling point for Kinect, albeit another casual gamer oriented one. The weight of the Dr Kawashima franchise can’t be underestimated – the DS brain trainer is the second biggest selling video game ever in the UK, only outperformed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


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