Add a strap to Apple’s iPod Nano to make an iWatch

Darren Allan

September 9, 2010

When Apple unveiled its revamped line of gadgets last week, including the overhauled iPod Touch and Shuffle, it was the iPod Nano which had undergone the most visible transformation.

Apple has removed the camera, and shrunk the device down to a small square, with no clickwheel and a compact multi-touch display instead.

One of our concerns was that it’s now so compact, there’s perhaps a bigger danger of losing it down the back of the sofa, car seat or wherever. However, one strategy that could avoid such a potential disaster is to wear it as a watch.

As a Daily Mail article notes, the iPod Nano has a clock function which turns the display into a watch – all you need is a strap to go with it, and you can wear what’s now being dubbed the iWatch.

No doubt it’s only a matter of time before companies start producing watch strap accessories for the Nano. We’re not convinced it looks all that great as a timepiece, mind you, but it certainly offers a hell of a lot of wrist-mounted functionality.


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