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September 10, 2010

“Here you have” adult movie worm causes corporate chaos

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by Darren Allan

A new mass-mailing worm has been spreading quickly, with security experts from McAfee to Sophos issuing warnings about the virus.

It’s been dubbed the “Here you have” worm as that’s the subject of the email message which delivers the malware. The mail contains a link to supposed free adult movie footage, or a PDF file, but of course all the link actually does is infect your PC.

The malware installs itself, attempts to remove security software, and then accesses the victim’s Outlook contacts and emails itself to all of them.

Some corporate email systems have been hit especially hard, with the Daily Mail reporting that firms including AIG, Disney, Proctor & Gamble, Comcast and NASA have been affected. You’d think the last two would have slightly more tech-savvy employees, for goodness’ sake, and Mickey Mouse should know better, too.

Graham Cluley of Sophos writes on his blog that the intention of the attack seems to be stealing information: “The malware downloads components and other tools which extract passwords from browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera), various email clients, and other applications.”

Apparently, the good news is that the file which the malware emails pointed to is no longer available.

Story link: “Here you have” adult movie worm causes corporate chaos

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