Twitter gets a facelift

Darren Allan

September 15, 2010

Twitter has undergone a substantial redesign in order to provide a more streamlined and richer tweeting experience.

The new Twitter features two panels, with one on the left listing a stream of tweets as ever, although you can also switch away from the standard tweet timeline to view retweets, searches and other tabs.

The second panel on the right brings up more details on a tweet you click on, displaying for example replies to the tweet, pictures, video, or a link to a related map. This is the richer multimedia side of the new tweeting experience.

Partnerships with the likes of YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic and many other outfits have been forged to bring this embedded media to your Twitter account.

The new timeline panel also features infinite scroll, meaning you can keep on scrolling down without having to click on the “more” link to see further tweets.

Twitter hasn’t made these changes live just yet, however, with the redesign set to roll out as a preview over the next couple of weeks. However, if you want to see the overhauled site in action, there’s a short video here.

As we located that video on Twitter, we happened to notice an amusing message scroll past in the list of top tweets, penned by film critic Roger Ebert.

He simply tweeted: “Twitter redesign will allow users to ‘get more out of Twittter in less time,’ while ‘spending more time on the site.’ I see.”


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