Samsung Galaxy Tab now priced £599 on Amazon

Darren Allan

September 22, 2010

Amazon has cut the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab down to a more appealing £599.

When it first appeared on the online retailer’s site, the Galaxy Tab had a recommended retail of a staggering £799.

However, Amazon did its usual cutting of the retail price, and quickly pitched it at £680, which was the same price that another retailer, eXpansys, had it going for. That was still way too rich for our blood, and many other’s.

The new price point of £599 puts it on a better footing to compete with the iPad. eXpansys has also cut its price to £639, so hopefully they’ll all keep coming down. Clove is offering it at £617, which was its initial pricing. also has it at £599, the same as Amazon.

This is the 16GB model of the Tab, and as it has wi-fi and 3G, it compares with the 16GB iPad 3G which is priced at £529.

The Tab has a fair bit more packed into the tech spec in some ways, with twin cameras where the iPad has none, plus it also has hybrid phone capabilities. Samsung’s tablet has a smaller display, however, with a 7 inch screen in comparison to the iPad’s 10 inch.

However, at least at £599 it’s starting to look much more competitive with Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be out on November 1st.


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  1. PhilA says:

    I’m waiting for people to complain about the price, especially with it being more than the base iPad.

    Think about it this way - buying a Dell Streak on it’s own costs £470, but how much did I pay for mine with the contract? ZERO!

    The way you have to look at the Tab is for what it actually is - an Android phone with a 7″ screen - it’s not just a tablet, it’s a phone as well!

  2. Bogdan says:

    In my opinion everything is just marketing from big retail companies like Amazon so they can attract attention and get more customers at the time of the release. I also believe the price of the tablet will be much lower!!

    We have to wait for Samsung to release the official price.

  3. dave says:

    Why in the world would you want a phone with a 7″ screen? Do you carry around a gigantic purse with you all day? How would you even talk on that?

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