Cyberterrorists target Iran with Stuxnet virus

Janet Harris
Janet Harris -

The Stuxnet virus takes cyberterrorism to a new level as it is believed to be the first computer virus designed to attack infrastructure in the real world.

In this case it is Iran’s power stations and water plants that are believed to be at risk from the worm, which can reprogramme a computer’s software, forcing it to obey different commands.

Some experts claim that the worm could be targeted at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power facility.

Although Stuxnet is already believed to have infected 45,000 computer systems, it hasn’t yet caused any damage as it has been designed to attack one specific system.

The emergence of Stuxnet, which appeared in June, has caused some experts to warn that weaponised software could be the future of cyber terrorism.

Stuxnet is transferred between machines by USB memory stick and searches for software made by Siemens which is used to control industrial systems.

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