Folks don’t dig the redesign

Darren Allan

September 24, 2010

It seems that social bookmarking giant Digg is losing traffic and faithful followers by the shed load since its redesign.

Indeed, the shed where the Digg shovel lives is now witnessing 34% less traffic from UK surfers, according to figures from Hitwise.

And in the US, which is Digg’s prime turf, numbers of visitors have dropped by 26% since the redesigned site was unveiled at the end of August.

Version 4 of Digg was supposed to level the playing field, with new story algorithms which meant that so-called power users or the “diggerati” couldn’t exercise their influence quite so much.

But these new measures led to many high profile members quitting, and initial bugs and problems with the revamp frustrated users all round.

Can Digg stop the rot? The site is continuing to tweak its redesign, but a quarter of your user base is a hell of a leak to spring in just a month.


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  1. Jason says:

    The big point that I think a lot of American news sources are missing is that the whole revolt and disgust with the design came about because of how tilted Digg became towards large publishers. It was obvious that it was no longer about individuals sharing links, but rather larger companies spamming links. If you take the community out of a social network, why on earth would they stay?

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