Sony job advert rekindles PSP phone speculation

Darren Allan

September 24, 2010

Remember last month, Engadget sparked off an avalanche of online speculation regarding the possibility of Sony Ericsson working on a gaming phone?

The idea was that Sony would cross a smartphone with the PSP to produce some manner of 4 inch display hybrid gaming phone, with a slide-out control panel. It would be expected to run Android.

And, lo and behold, Engadget has now spotted an advert for a Senior Server Engineer at Sony London. The ad asks for someone with online gaming experience, as well as experience in mobile development, particularly Android.

While this is about a million miles away from actual confirmation of the device, what is interesting is that since the media attention, Sony has removed the mention of Android from the advert. Is the company trying to hide something?

Although removing it has rather drawn attention to the fact that it might be related to the gaming phone…

It certainly would make some sense for Sony to produce its own gaming phone, as rival console maker Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live integration to mobiles with Windows Phone 7 next month.


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  1. Balram says:

    The PSP 2 phone has to be tru! XD

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