Nokia mulls Windows Phone 7 adoption?

Darren Allan

September 25, 2010

Never mind Symbian or MeeGo, it seems Nokia could be set to produce a phone which is powered by Microsoft’s about-to-be-released operating system.

This potential shift in OS strategy comes with the appointment of new Nokia boss Stephen Elop, who has been given permission to make big changes if needed, according to Venture Beat.

The website states that a trusted source has informed them that Nokia will be using Windows Phone 7 as an additional platform for its smartphones.

Nokia responded to the article with a statement to Bloomberg which said that its platforms were Symbian, S40 and MeeGo. “This stance was strongly reinforced by our management during Nokia World, and we have no plans to use other operating systems,” a spokesman told Bloomberg.

Venture Beat, in turn, responded to this by saying that two additional sources had come forward to agree with their initial contact.

So the truth of the matter is certainly unclear, although the smartphone strategy at Nokia could do with some kind of a shake up. And, of course, Elop is an ex-Microsoft man himself.

One thing is for certain, and that’s if Microsoft can get Nokia on board, it would be something of a coup for its upcoming operating system.


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  1. manfid says:

    i switch to nokia from sony ericsson, because the xperia used only windows.
    if nokia start putting windows in their phones, i will looking for other brand, maybe back to motorola after 10 years, since they smartly dropped windows.

  2. Okina says:

    Yes, same for me. If Nokia gets into the Windows Mobile business and does not 100% focus on Meego in the high end, I will never buy any new Nokia phone.

  3. John says:

    So load uninspiring hardware with uninspiring software, in algebra two negatives make a positive…
    Nokia is dead in the water when it comes to smart phones, they should leave them alone and focus on a simpler market, or adopt android as their OS.

  4. Antares says:

    That would be great!

    Nokia makes great hardware but the software has been getting progressively worse as the phones become progressively more complicated.

    Windows Phone 7 is looking like a great OS. If it shipped on a Nokia device I would be first in line.

  5. Abaid says:

    About time Nokia came out with Windows phone. I moved away from Nokia over 10 years ago and would love to come back as they make the best hardware for mobile phones.

  6. Delmadri says:

    @manfid and @okina

    You are making the mistake of assuming that WP7 is the next iteration after WinMo6.

    It is not. It is a whole new operating system built from the ground up and with no connection to its predecessor. From the previews it is clear that there is not a single recognisable element between WM1-6.5 and WP7.

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