Google celebrates 12th birthday with cake doodle

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Google is officially twelve years old today, and has marked the occasion by sketching itself a new doodle.

The doodle is a picture of a birthday cake, naturally enough, with the L of the Google logo forming a solitary birthday candle. The illustration was drawn by Wayne Thiebaud, an elderly American painter who is famous for sketching cakes (well, they look tastier than bowls of fruit, anyway).

Rather like the Queen, Google has several potential birthdays. It officially became a company on the September 4th, although the company has celebrated its anniversary at different dates during September in the past, with the 27th becoming the current date of choice.

It’s hard to believe that Google is only twelve years old, actually, for us anyway. It seems like it’s been a part of everyday life for longer than that, somehow.

We expect plenty of games of pass the parcel and statues will be played up at the Googleplex today. It’s probably not wise to open the present Bing sent across, though. It smells a bit funny.

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