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September 27, 2010

Sky Player will be graced with Kinect support

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by Darren Allan

If you’re a Sky viewer with an Xbox, then some interesting news has emerged regarding Microsoft’s Kinect motion control system.

The Kinect will feature built-in support for the Sky Player on the console, so you’ll be able to use hand gestures and voice control to interact with the player.

In other words, you’ll be able to flick through channels literally using your hand, and fast forward or pause a film by speaking out loud.

Although what will happen if the TV is turned up loud and the Kinect can’t hear your voice – or an actor says “pause” in the script of the film – isn’t clear.

Kinect integration should be present from the launch date of the motion control system, which hits the shelves on November 10th.

Story link: Sky Player will be graced with Kinect support

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