Analyst estimates BlackBerry PlayBook will weigh in at $300-350

Darren Allan

September 29, 2010

How much do you think Rim’s PlayBook, the tablet the company unveiled this week, will sell for?

To remind you of some of the highlights of the tech spec, it’s set to feature a 1GHz dual-core processor, 7 inch display, twin cameras back and front, and a “true multi-tasking” OS in QNX.

Rim has made noises that it will be pitched competitively, but it sounds like a pretty pricey piece of hardware to us.

However, John Jackson, an analyst at CCS Insight, discussed his theories on pricing with Bloomberg and estimated that the slate would weigh in on the lighter side of the market.

Jackson said that with the cheapest iPad costing $500, there’s a “market opportunity below that”, and Rim will aim to position its PlayBook in that space. He reckons Rim’s tablet will cost between $300 and $350 or so.

However, he did also make the point that Rim will be competing in a crowded market, and the company would ideally have liked to spring the tablet before Christmas. As it is, it won’t be out until early 2011 in the States, and the second quarter over here.

The question of who is going to succeed or fail in the tablet market is pretty much an unanswerable one at this stage. But fair play to Rim, the PlayBook does look impressive, particularly if they can keep a lid on the price.


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