Apple sues Nokia over in the UK

Darren Allan

September 29, 2010

Apple has taken its legal battle with Nokia beyond the borders of the US, initiating a lawsuit in Britain.

Nokia began this particular ding-dong patent row in October 2009, when it filed patent lawsuits against Apple relating to the iPhone. This was followed by more volleys of lawsuits in the States this year, and a counter-suit by Apple, accusing Nokia of infringing its own patented technology.

Now Apple has extended the legal front to the UK, Reuters reports, with a suit initiated in this country. Although quite what it hopes to achieve with this, we’re not sure.

A Nokia spokesman told Reuters: “We are investigating the claims, which appear to be based on nine implementation patents already in suit between the two companies in the United States.”

The words “going nowhere” and “slowly” spring to mind, for some strange reason.


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