HTC Desire Froyo update re-released by O2

Darren Allan

September 29, 2010

Remember just over three weeks ago now, O2 released the Android 2.2 or Froyo update for its HTC Desire customers, with many complaining of issues?

Some posters on the O2 forum said that their phone had effectively been bricked by the upgrade, and would just freeze on the splash screen. As a result, O2 pulled the update to investigate the problem.

However, the Android 2.2 upgrade is now live again, but it’s not certain that the problems have been resolved; at least not browsing the messages on the O2 forum.

While many have said the update was successful, there are still some complaints of it going awry and freezing up or putting the Desire in a boot loop. It all seems a bit ominous, not to mention strange given that O2 has had a few weeks to sort this out now.

Have any Desire owning readers on O2 encountered any trouble with this re-released 2.2?


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  1. mat c says:

    I updated my Desire last night (29/10) and was greeted with the o2 splash screen… it then stayed on this screen and will not boot.
    I have spoken to o2 who have said that it is a HTC issue but they have agreed that they would send me a new handset. I find it hard to see why o2 would send me a handset without argument if its an HTC problem??!??

  2. Ben says:

    It is the same build being released now that I got 3 weeks ago!

  3. mick r says:

    I updated my Desire last night (30/9) with no problems whatsoever. Took 20 minutes from start to finish and everything is working great.. One thing i did do before the update was to reboot the phone and turn all running apps off ..

  4. Adrian says:

    Updated today with no problems

  5. steven says:

    Did not work; the update bricked my desire

  6. luke says:

    Updated today….3rd October. No problems yet. Update caused a short boot loop but seemed to apear to be part of the install process. Fine now. Great new updates such as wi fi hotspot and app share

  7. mat c says:

    I received the replacement on Friday and continued to update the handset as per instruction of the lady at o2… It then BRICKED AGAIN!!!!

    Again spoke to o2 who told me that someone would be getting back to me before Wednesday. After a 47 minute argument with a Customer service lad he put me through to the returns dept who agreed that…
    A)they would send me a new phone… and to not update it.
    B)They dont know why this is happening to only a few people.
    C)Its only o2 that is experiencing this problem.

  8. Cathy says:

    I tried the update last night (3 Oct) when it was pushed to my phone. Phone is now frozen on O2 screen and won’t turn off except by taking the battery out. I am seriously angry about this, as these phones are expensive and O2 knows about the problem. And in this second roll-out- phones were messed up the day of the roll-out, 27 Sept. Why didn’t they stop it the second time? They had seven days to figure out the update was still bricking up phones.

  9. PeteSk says:

    Updated. Bricked. Wish i could get some info about what the hell is going on with 02. Smells like management to me.

    Please give us tools to enable us to fix simple software errors like this ourselves…

  10. Sidney2g says:

    On my third Desire.

    First one was bricked by O2 on the second release.

    Second one updated to FROYO (I didn’t install any applications before update) and the phone kept on randomly restarting, especially whilst using navigation.

    On my third one now and surprise surprise no update available!

    Great…back to square one. How come’s T-Mobile Desires’ are ok?

  11. Mark says:

    Considering nobody else is talking about it on this forum I assume I am the only one to have had the problem where I STILL cannot download the new software!? When I ask to go online and search for updates it says there are no updates available but I am still on 2.1? What’s up with that? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  12. keenan says:

    I too am unable to get this update. I’ve been checking every day for a week. And nothing. Any ideas?

  13. Benn says:

    upgraded to 2.2 today on my HTC Desire with no problems via the auto update feature already on the phone. Took about 10 mins. Took the advice to close all running apps and restart before doing it.

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