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October 2, 2010

Disgo Tablet 6000 launched, another budget slate at £180

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by Darren Allan

Following the launch of the Next tablet, another budget slate has been unveiled, this one from Disgo.

Like the Next slate, the Disgo Tablet 6000 is priced at £180, so could tempt those slightly more thrifty gadget fans who won’t consider an outlay of £429 plus on an iPad, Galaxy Tab or similar.

The main difference between this and the Next offering is that Disgo’s model has a smaller screen, weighing in with a 7 inch display like the Galaxy Tab. However, it seems similar corners will have been cut as with the Next tablet to achieve the budget price, with what will probably be a resistive screen (although that hasn’t been confirmed, it’s very likely). It also lacks multi-touch, and there’s no 3G option.

Other tech specs include a 1GHz processor, a lowly 2GB of memory (although that can be expanded via a microSD slot), twin mini-USB ports and a mini-HDMI port. It runs Android 2.1.

On balance, Next’s model seems more attractive, coming with 8GB of extra memory on an included microSD card, and with a bigger display. It would seem the only element Disgo really has over its rival is the mini-HDMI port.

Story link: Disgo Tablet 6000 launched, another budget slate at £180

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