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October 2, 2010

More arrests in Zeus botnet affair, five in Ukraine

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by Darren Allan

Ukranian police have arrested five people suspected of being the masterminds behind the Zeus botnet operation which has pilfered millions from online bank accounts.

This comes after the arrest of 19 suspects in the UK earlier this week, with more arrested in the States following that in what is an international effort to thwart a major cyber-criminal ring.

The Zeus botnet steals banking passwords and transmits them back to cyber-thieves. Reuters reports that the global ring is thought to be responsible for some $70 million vanishing from bank accounts across the US.

Gordon Snow, the Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, told Reuters: “During this investigation, the FBI worked closely with our overseas counterparts to identify subjects who were instrumental in the development and control of the malicious software, those who facilitated the use of malware, and those who saw a means to make quick, easy money – the mules.”

Hopefully the net should be a safer place as of this weekend. A slightly safer place, anyway…

Story link: More arrests in Zeus botnet affair, five in Ukraine

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