BT starts race for fibre broadband in the UK

Darren Allan

October 4, 2010

BT has come up with a scheme to determine which exchanges are likely to next receive upgrades to fibre based broadband in the UK.

The company wants to hear the people speak out, as it takes what it calls the “pulse” of the UK’s broadband.

Individuals will be able to put forward their desire to have next-gen broadband come to their community by registering in an online survey which will run until the end of the year. BT will then look at the results to determine where demand is high, to help map out future fibre deployment.

The five top voted exchanges who win the “Race to Infinity” by showing the strongest level of demand will be guaranteed to get fibre broadband – a mix of fibre-to-the-cabinet and premises – by early 2012.

Even if your exchange isn’t one of the top five, if it shows an unusually high level of demand, or more than BT anticipated, it might get bumped up the roll out league when it comes to super-fast broadband.

BT’s current broadband pledge is that it will spend some £2.5 billion rolling out fibre to two-thirds of UK premises by 2015.

Gavin Patterson, BT Retail Chief Executive, commented: “The Race to Infinity is an opportunity for the country to make its voice heard. BT will have rolled out fibre to more than four million homes by the end of 2010 but it’ll still have more than 12 million premises to pass by 2015. We want to hear from towns and villages across the UK and so I would encourage people to take part and register their interest.”

“The Race will map demand for fibre across the UK and so will help to influence BT’s future deployment plans. BT Retail is also committing funds to help enable the five winning exchanges and so there’s an added incentive for people to vote.”

Head on over here to register your broadband opinion. Apparently the site will keep a leaderboard of the top areas in the UK as the race is run. We just voted for our exchange, and were in fact voter number one (not a great sign, but we guess the starting pistol has only just been fired).

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