One in three UK households own a Nintendo Wii

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Nintendo has been boasting about how many people own a Wii console in the UK, based on data gathered by Chart Track.

EuroGamer reports that the Chart Track figures indicate that since its launch, 8.3 million Wii consoles have been sold in the UK. With the total number of UK households put at 24.9 million by the ONS, that works out at bang on a third of the population.

Nintendo also released details of who it was going to get to plug its Wii and DS titles on the run up to Christmas. This includes Terry Wogan (for Brain Training, apparently!) and Dame Helen Mirren, along with a load of X-Factor ex-contestants such as JLS, Alexandra Burke and the dreaded hair-based entity and twin signs of the impending apocalypse which will destroy mankind known as Jedward.

All this seems like some PR ramping in the face of the recent launch of Move for the PS3, and the upcoming Kinect for the Xbox. Nintendo must be wondering how much these motion controllers will eat into sales, especially if the Wii has reached something of a saturation point with the British public.

Game recently reported that its big losses in the first half of this year (almost £19 million) were partly due to a major slump in Wii sales, with a decline of 40% against the previous year. Could that sales storm be set to worsen?

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  1. Waldo says:

    Yeah and how many actually use it? You’ll find more than 1 in three has a brevil toastie maker, but it’ll be stuffed in the back of a cupboard.

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