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October 4, 2010

Toshiba announces glasses-free 3D LCD TVs

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by Janet Harris

Toshiba announced two new 3D TVs at CEATEC in Japan, and viewers will be able to enjoy the 3D effect without having to wear glasses.

The disappointing feature of the TVs though is the screen size, just 12 inches or 20 inches, which is going to seem pretty small now we’ve become accustomed to 40 inch screens in the corner of our living rooms.

The 3D technology uses a lenticular sheet over an LED backlit LCD panel to create nine different parallaxes of each single 2D frame.

The viewer’s brain superimposes these to create the 3D image.

Until now, glasses-free 3D technology has required the viewer to keep their head and eyes still in order to watch comfortably, but Toshiba claims to have solved this problem with its latest sets.

The Toshiba Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1 Series will be released in Japan before Christmas, but no word on price yet.

Meanwhile Nintendo is also making strides in the 3D market with a glasses-free 3D gaming machine launching in Japan early next year.

The console will also stream 3D television programming from Fuiji TV and Nippon Television Network.

Story link: Toshiba announces glasses-free 3D LCD TVs

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