3 introduces £2 per day 500MB mobile broadband

Darren Allan

October 5, 2010

Those with network operator 3 who need occasional broadband access will be interested to hear about a new daily deal the company has thought up.

The Pay Per Day scheme gives the customer a day’s worth of mobile broadband, with an allowance of 500MB, for the princely sum of £2.

You can buy the £2 worth of mobile data directly online, or use a top-up voucher purchased in-store. 3 points out that 500MB of data should get you five hours of surfing on average.

3’s Director of Mobile Broadband, Joe Parker, commented: “3’s Pay Per Day deal is the ideal proposition for business travellers, iPad owners and students who have a fixed broadband connection at home but also want the flexibility of being able to snack on mobile broadband whilst away from their home.”

Snacking on mobile broadband must be an even more appealing prospect for those travelling by train. It has to be better than any sandwich Network Rail can offer you, for starters.


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