Orange and T-Mobile joint network coverage goes live

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Orange and T-Mobile have officially launched the joint network sharing policy which was announced back in the first week of September.

Because the companies have partnered up under the Everything, Everywhere banner, customers on either network will be able to free roam across both.

In other words, where the Orange signal might be weak or non-existent, a user can switch to T-Mobile, or vice versa. A pretty impressive boon for subscribers on either network.

There won’t be a fee for roaming onto the other operator’s network, and all you’ve got to do to take advantage of the service is to opt in.

Orange customers can sign up for the service here, and T-mobile folks, your sign up page is over here.

Orange notes that roaming warnings may pop up when you’ve transferred over onto the T-Mobile network, but not to worry, there definitely won’t be any extra charges made for using your phone in the UK. Bar some sort of horrible billing snafu (everyone touch wood now).

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