Windows slates will be out this Christmas

Darren Allan

October 5, 2010

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been talking to the London School of Economics, and he dropped an interesting nugget of information while doing so.

IT Pro reports that Ballmer stated that Windows based tablets will be available soon, in time for Christmas in fact.

“You’ll see slates with Windows on them this Christmas, you’ll see them continue to change and evolve,” Ballmer noted. Whether or not this is gospel, however, remains to be seen. It’s not long until Christmas now…

Ballmer named Acer, Dell, Samsung and Sony as manufacturers working on tablets running Windows.

He also found time to wax lyrical about the importance of overhauling patent laws for the benefit of the modern IT industry, and others.

But his main topic of discussion was the cloud, the development of which is bringing new opportunities (which Microsoft will of course dominate). Although he also warned that security in the cloud would be paramount, and the perception that it’s safe would obviously be important to its increased adoption.


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