Apple TV box now on sale in UK

Darren Allan

October 6, 2010

The Apple TV set-top box has gone on sale in the UK. The compact four inch square box can be invited to move into your living room for the price of £99.

The unit comes with four ports – the all important HDMI, plus optical audio, mini-USB and an ethernet port – and is equipped with wi-fi. There’s no hard drive, but there is 8GB of flash storage under the petite bonnet.

Apple TV is capable of streaming HD content, although renting a High Definition movie isn’t particularly cheap at £4.49 (not when you consider you can get three films for that using a well known postal DVD rental system, anyway).

The box is “energy efficient with an incredibly small carbon footprint”, so the company claims, to please the more green minded amongst you. Indeed, noted that this might be “the most eco-friendly set-top box ever”.

Tempted to grab a piece of the action at a hundred quid? You certainly won’t be alone.


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