Google Goggles now on the iPhone

Darren Allan

October 6, 2010

Google is to put Goggles on the iPhone. No, not a pair of specs, but the search giant’s photograph identification service, which will be added to the Google Mobile App for Apple’s smartphone.

In theory, the user takes a snap of something, and Goggles identifies it; in other words, it’s a visual search engine. Although it’s still in beta, so still a bit hit and miss.

Google says that it works well for landmarks, logos, book and DVD covers, although it definitely won’t work for things like animals, plants or food. Though we suggest if you’re in a restaurant and can’t identify the dish in front of you, maybe you should skip straight to dessert.

It’s also worth noting that the system requires an auto-focusing camera, so you’ll need an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 running iOS 4.

Goggles is already on Android, with Google having introduced the service to that OS at the tail end of last year.


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