One in five drivers social network at the wheel

Darren Allan

October 13, 2010

A new survey from the RAC has made some alarming revelations when it comes to the phone habits of drivers.

In just a year, the number of motorists who admit to using their mobile phone to take calls and send texts while on the road has tripled.

The survey indicated that 31% of drivers sent text messages while behind the wheel, which was up from 11% last year. Those who said they took calls while driving went up from 8% to 28%.

21% of respondents admitted they checked social networking sites while driving, with the spread of smartphones being a telling one. 11% said they checked their emails.

An RAC spokesman warned: “Taking your eye off the road, just for a second, to read an alert or check who a call came from can have potentially fatal results. This steep rise in mobile phone usage at the wheel could potentially be set to continue as more and more people embrace smartphone technology.”


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