Apple placed third in US for PC sales

October 14, 2010

Luxury brands have suffered in the recession, with Apple proving to be the exception to the rule.

Although Macs are perceived to be a more expensive option than Windows PCs, they accounted for over ten per cent of the 18.9 million PCs sold in the US in the third quarter – the highest PC market share Apple has ever held in the country.

IDC’s Quarterly PC Tracker Survey also revealed that Mac sales grew twenty four per cent compared with the 2009 third quarter while market leader, Hewlett-Packard’s sales barely changed.

Hewlett-Packard held twenty-four per cent of the PC market while Dell was in second place with twenty-three per cent.

Apples meteoric rise pushed Acer down to fourth position.

Experts are connecting the growth in popularity of Macs with the launch of Apple’s popular iPad.

Over 3 million iPads were sold between April and June, sending Apple’s share price over 300 for the first time ever.


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