Latest comScore figures show Google up in US searches

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

The latest figures from comScore for web searches in the US during September show that Google has increased its lead over rival engines slightly.

Although comScore has had to allow for the introduction of Google Instant, which displays pages of results live as a user is typing a search query.

This means the company has had to develop a priority scoring system to identify searches where the user takes explicit action, such as hitting Enter or clicking the search button on a query, or clicking refinement links (results from the past 24 hours and so on).

These are known as explicit core searches, and Google led the field here last month with a share of 66.1%, up 0.7% from August. Yahoo was second with a drop of 0.7%, funnily enough, down to 16.7%. Microsoft was third with 11.2%, a small gain of 0.1%.

For queries without explicit user action (such as Google Instant results), or implicit results as comScore calls them, the company uses total core search figures to measure these.

And they reflect Google making greater gains of 2.4% up to 62.9% off the back of Instant. Yahoo was on 19.2%, down 1.8%, with Microsoft on 12.5%.

Yahoo has been making noises about the interpretation of these figures, but even looking at the explicit core searches with no Instant interference, Google has still gained ground.

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