170-year-old steam powered computer to be built?

Darren Allan

October 18, 2010

Charles Babbage was an engineer, mathematician and inventor who designed the very first concept of a programmable computer back in 1837.

His Analytical Engine was a huge steam powered colossus which had a mechanical processor, memory, and it could be programmed using punch cards; if he’d actually managed to build it in his lifetime, that is.

However, it wasn’t until a hundred years later that the first recognised computer was actually produced. Although Babbage did manage to build bits of his creation in the nineteenth century.

But now a new project, entitled Plan 28, aims to build Babbage’s Analytical Engine today, even though it’s something like 13,000 times slower than a ZX81, and has 1.7Kb of memory.

John Graham-Cumming, programmer and author of the Geek Atlas, is behind the campaign, and is asking for donations to support the project.

He needs 50,000 people to pledge a tenner each, and currently some 3,000 folks have signed up. If you want to donate or look at the project in more detail, steam on over to the site here.


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  1. steven fearn says:

    Probably more reliable than a windows computer!! Unless you run out of water not memory!!
    Steam powered mobile phone imagine that!!

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