BT reveals 110Mbps fibre plans

Darren Allan

October 20, 2010

BT Openreach has revealed that it intends to bring a 110Mbps fibre service to the UK, starting from next spring.

The fibre-to-the-home offering will boast 110Mbps downloads (with 20Mbps of that “prioritised”) and 15Mbps upload speeds to a limited number of exchanges (i.e. London and a few others).

A BT spokesman told PC Pro: “You’re going to get 100Mbits/sec, it’s not an ‘up to’ service.” However, he explained that when the network is flooded at peak times, customers will get a guaranteed 20Mbps, which is what the “prioritised” 20Mbps means.

BT Openreach will be renting these lines out to ISPs for £21 per month, so slap the provider’s charge and profit on top of that, and you’ve got the rough figure the consumer will be looking at paying.

Virgin will be rolling out its 100Mbps cable service before the end of the year (allegedly), and it’s interesting to see that BT has picked the 110Mbps speed for its service to run at. A bit like Spinal Tap, they’ve turned it up to 11.


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