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October 22, 2010

LEDs developed to integrate with human tissue

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by Janet Harris

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are everywhere; in electronic devices such as TVs and DVD players, as well as in planes, trains, automobiles and even traffic signals.

One place you wouldn’t usually find an LED is in the human body, but this is about to change thanks to researchers at the University of Illinois.

LEDs are usually embedded in rigid semiconductor wafers, but John Rogers and his team have found a way to embed them in flexible polymer sheets, which could one day be implanted into the human body to monitor biological processes.

The technology is expected to have numerous medical applications, including in sensors that can guide a surgeon’s hand during an operation, or for drug delivery.

The guys over at TechRadar have come up with an interesting idea for the technology – LED lights embedded under the skin as body art, or even to turn people into human billboards!

Story link: LEDs developed to integrate with human tissue

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