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October 23, 2010

Vodafone now has HTC Desire HD and Nokia N8 in stock

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by Darren Allan

Vodafone has announced that it is now carrying both the HTC Desire HD and Nokia N8. The N8 will be available in an exclusive lime green colour (or as we dubbed it when we first set eyes on the device, luminous snot green; it’s certainly eye catching).

The Android powered Desire HD arrives after a delay caused by Google’s type approval process, although there’s no sign of the Desire Z yet, which was similarly held up.

TechRadar reported that Vodafone stated: “Vodafone customers can now buy two of the hottest new smartphones on the market, the HTC Desire HD and the Nokia N8, both of which are available now on the UK’s best network.”

The Nokia N8 comes with a 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen, 16GB of memory, Symbian^3, and a critically acclaimed 12 megapixel camera. You can pick it up for free starting at £30 per month on a two year deal, with 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500MB of data.

The Desire HD boasts a 4.3 inch LCD display, a 1GHz processor, and an 8 megapixel camera with dual flash capable of 720p HD recording. The handset comes for free starting at £35 per month on a two year tariff, with 900 minutes, unlimited texts, and 750MB of mobile data.

Story link: Vodafone now has HTC Desire HD and Nokia N8 in stock

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  1. Preordered my Desire HD from Vodafone two weeks ago with a delivery date of the 22nd, got an e-mail on the 22nd to say that delivery has been delayed for a week yet they claim to have stock? Are Vodafone lying to try and get new orders in then purposely disappointing new customers? Worked for a mug like me!

    Comment by Tom — October 23, 2010 @ 11:01 am

  2. HTC Desire HD is actually delays for an extra 2 to 3 weeks on Vodafone, called them yesterday about my pre-order from mid september, and that’s the result. Vodafone leaves it online for more pre-orders…

    Play.com & Amazon are also pushing back deliveries, at least they mentioned the new delay…

    KM, London

    Comment by KM — October 23, 2010 @ 2:35 pm

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