10% of UK websites guilty of spamming visitors

Darren Allan

October 24, 2010

Research conducted by the Spam Ratings site has shown that one in ten UK websites hit their visitors with “dangerous and malicious” spam.

The study took place over the course of a year and involved monitoring some 10,000 websites and 150,000 emails.

The volume of dangerous spam more than doubled over the year to September 30th 2010. Of the 10% of sites responsible for this spam, each produced an average of five attacks per day.

40% of these malicious spam attacks were sex or pharmaceutical related, 35% were financial by nature (including scam messages), 15% were phishing mails, and 10% actually contained malware or links to malware infected sites.

75% of the emails received from the top 10,000 UK websites proved to be unwanted, nuisance or dangerous spam mails.

Spam Ratings called the UK “one of the most dangerous places to surf the Internet in the World.” This all tallies with recent Symantec research published back in August, which showed the UK has doubled its spam output levels since April.

Our country is now responsible for 4.5% of the world’s spam, which makes it the fourth most prolific spammer in the world behind the US, India and Brazil.

Spam Ratings also noted that one in five websites breached email marketing best practices by automatically opting customers in to have their details shared or used by third parties. These included major brands such as Argos, Ticketmaster.co.uk, Money Supermarket and Littlewoods. Which is comforting to know.


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  1. Joan R says:

    These are horrific statistics.

    I am really careful with my email address and always wondered how spammers got hold of my data. The only place I could think of was if web sites that I had registered with were selling my email address to other people.

    I couldn’t prove it, but this research seems to back up this being a major problem.

    I will be more careful who I give my data to going forward!

  2. Alex Robinson says:

    I hate it when you brought something from a website and then they send you information about every single department they have. Just because I like their TV’s doesn’t mean we are interested in their make up!
    Does anyone actually read these emails anyway? If they are a meant to be marketing emails then they really don’t work on me as if they send me too many emails I quickly close my account with the company.

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