HTC Desire HD firmware-over-the-air update out

Darren Allan

October 25, 2010

A firmware-over-the-air (or FOTA) update has been made available by HTC for its new Desire HD phone.

Version 1.32.405.3 will provide screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements, according to HTC. The company notes that users should use a wi-fi connection to grab the new firmware, to avoid data charges as it’s a sizeable update.

As ever, HTC also recommends that you back up all your personal data on the handset before carrying out the upgrade.

It’s unusual for an update to be released so quickly after the phone hitting the shelves.


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  1. Turner says:

    This is known to fix a massive problem with early batches of the phone - the proximity sensor is on all the time meaning you make a call, the phone screen goes blank (as if it by your face) and erm, never allows input! Battery out is the only fix!! See

    I’m suffering (Vodafone) and yet to get this update….


  2. tj says:

    Can’t get no update from virgin mobile for my HTC desire, virgin blame HTC for testing hold up.

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