HTC Desire HD not ready on Vodafone?

Darren Allan

October 25, 2010

At the weekend, we reported that Vodafone announced that it’s now carrying both the Nokia N8 and HTC Desire HD, two much awaited handsets.

Although it seems that according to our some of our readers, Vodafone isn’t ready and shipping the Desire HD just yet.

Two of our readers posted to say the network operator had contacted them and said their pre-ordered Desire HD handsets were delayed by a week in one case, and two to three weeks in the other.

It’s not quite clear what’s going on, as we spotted one Twitter user thanking Vodafone for sending their Desire HD which they received this morning. On the Vodafone forums, some folks also say they’ve been told their handset will arrive today, yet another customer phoned up on Friday and was told that the phone is “showing on the system, but it’s not in stock.”

Did any readers get their Desire HD through from Vodafone this morning?

Amazon has also pushed the Desire HD stock date back to November 15th, as pointed out by KM of London. is stating that its units of the smartphone will be dispatched in 3-5 weeks, which would tally with the date of the 15th.


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  1. Joe says:

    I have my HTC Desire HD with Vodaphone on the desk next to me. Though, I did get it from Phone4U.

    The release seems to be a bit odd. Phones4U said they had it on both Vodaphone and Orange, and had done since Saturday 16th. But when I phoned Orange they said they weren’t getting it until next month. Vodaphones website said they were releasing it the follwing day.

    It’s a bit odd that the third party retailers are shipping them before the networks. Maybe they’re just using unlocked ones and putting in the SIMs - there’s no branding at all on my HD, and I remember reading stories about Vodaphone throwing loads of branding on the desire.

    There were also a few reports of software issues that might hold back the Desire HD’s release, but I got mine before the announced release date and haven’t encountered any of those issues.

  2. Matt says:

    I ordered my desire HD from which was going to arrive this week. But i have recieved an email this morning confirming my shipment will be delayed a week due to trouble in getting the stock in the first place. They have told me their allocation of desire HDs has been confirmed and shipping will commence on the 1st Nov. Slightly annoyed that they promised one date and have now changed it!

  3. Lee says:

    Walked into Carphone Warehouse on Saturday, and picked up a Desire HD on Vodafone there and then on a much better tariff than the Vodafone store was offering.

    So, can’t say whether Vodafone are shipping direct or not, but you can certainly get a handset on Voda if you want one. Given that the 3rd party retailers generally undercut and outperform the operator’s own stores - I really can’t see why Voda still insist on maintaining a largely ineffective direct sales channel…

  4. Michael says:

    Got mine today. Ordered it from the vodafone website about a week ago and it came this morning. It’s just on charge now.

  5. elaine says:

    Got mine today, as promised, from vodaphone

  6. stephen says:

    yes I got my Desire HD this morning, it had been on preorder for about 10 days, and was delayed for about 3 days.

  7. StewartA says:

    I recieved my Desire HD on Vodafone on Monday 18th October. It is brilliant! There was an issue with the screen going blank when I made calls but HTC released a software update yesterday which has solved this. Highly recommended. I just need to choose a good case/protector now. Best phone on market imo.

  8. JohnT says:

    Pre-ordered mine on the day Vodafone announced DHD. Nothing to say it was going to be delayed until the original (14th) release date had passed. Was told the 22nd, that passed, still nothing from Vodafone. Finally got an email saying it would be the 25th, nothing in store today and they don’t know when it will be. Really appalled by Vodafone Customer Service, especially as the guy who sits next to me was kept informed and has had his delivered today. Whats worse is that he ordered through the same channel a week after me. Gutted I’m tied in for 24 months with Vodafone now.

  9. Jon says:

    Well I pre-ordered my DesireHD weeks ago as an upgrade to my current pay monthly contract. I have been promised 3 dates and still no phone. The date was originally 10th Oct, then 22nd Oct, then I had email on the 22nd to say it was dispatched and would be delivered by 1pm 25th Oct. So I go into the Vodafone shop today and of course there is still no sign of my phone. I asked why this was and the guy said it was a problem with HTC supplying stock, yet I look around town and every other shop are advertising stock in now, even O2! I was then told by the shop that it wouldn’t be in until thurs (now the 4th date promised).
    What is going on I have no idea but I was really looking forward to getting this phone and now I am thinking of just canceling it! If they had just gave me a release date that was true in the first place I would have been happy.

  10. Max says:

    First of all, I’d like to mention that being one of the first person to place an order on Vodafone (as I asked for a call ASA the handset will be available for pre-order, being their customer for more than 5 years) back on the 12th of September (the day it showed on Vodafone).

    The phone didn’t ship yet, 2 to 3 weeks delay is their last update. there’s a bit of confusion between Vodafone shipping and those Phone4 & Carphone you know who, offering this phone, not being under Vodafone restraint (those providers are apparently offering 2000 units over the UK, version that wasn’t authorised neither tested by Google UI).

    Not too sure about T-mobile. Play is also under unexpected delays, so is Dabs. SuperEtrader is also under delays, motivating pre-order by mentioning that they received the first 100 (knowing that HTC does not consider 100 an order).

    All in all, a minority of providers (networks & retailers) are not displaying delays to get more pre-orders, which doesn’t seem fair, but hey, some businesses decide to let down buyers without telling them anything.

    Amazon is shipping today for mid September pre-order. Would anyone know anything from T-mobile, Play or Dabs pre-orders, please let us know.

    KM, London

  11. Kieron says:

    The beauty with Networks (not to mention vodafone) is that even if the phone is delayed for 3 months, you won’t be able to cancel the order. You start paying your monthly contract now and you won’t get the phone till they make thinks happen.

    This is why I’d rather get my phone from Amazon or Play, and then get a £20 contract with 600 min, unlimited text and 1024mb of internet for 12 months (COMES UP TO THE SAME PRICE) but I already got my phone (and will get a new one in 12 months, not 24 months).


  12. Jon says:

    They did indeed try starting my contract but I complained straight away to Vodafone that I hadn’t received my new phone yet so how can they start my new contract without sending me the product first! And so they have given me a discount on my contract until the phone actually is in my hands!…whenever that will be?

  13. tim says:

    I also ordered mine on handtec and they keep delaying and delaying
    now they say week commencing 25th but when asked they say they have no idea when that would be and rumours are it could be as far as november till they get it

    it is the worst phone launching ever and if it was made just for PR let me say they failed miserable
    im thinking cancelling and go with someone who respects their customers

  14. Jim says:

    On an 18 to 24 months contract, Vodafone is still winning (even with a discount, since the amount of people who left the network doubled year on year…

  15. Mike says:

    Not sure I will convince everyone here, but onver the last few years, I found Amanzon extremely efficient providing newly launched phones, better than networks (Vodafone in my case), or other retailers (play, phone4u, carphone). This is from my experience, and the HTC Desire HD is in my pocket, thanks Amazon

  16. Steve says:

    I pre-ordered a HD at the beginning of Oct after much deliberating which handset to go for.
    My contract was up on oct 11th, so went for a new 12 month sim only contract with the intention to buy the phone from amazon or play.
    Still nothing, and im being told 3-5 weeks, which is just superb..because I go away for the month end of this week, meaning not only do I have to take my old phone with me, when it ever does arrive, there wont be anyone to accept delivery until dec!
    This’ll teach me for abandoning Sony Ericsson!

  17. JohnT says:

    Update to post yesterday. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with Voda this morning I have decided to cancel and go elsewhere. After giving Voda the benefit of the doubt they said the phone is on back order and I’d have to wait 2 -3 weeks for the phone. They wouldn’t even offer me a discount so I told them to stick it. Still, the guy who sits next to me is enjoying his discounted DHD even though he ordered 3 days after me. Voda couldn’t explain that one. Very disgruntled with Vodafone customer service. Looks like I’m not alone in being kept in the dark about delays, appears to be a very inconsistent story with Voda.

  18. Darren Allan says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, interesting to hear… Yes, basically Voda sounds like a bit of a lottery. Some customers are fine, some hit with delays.

  19. Mike says:

    Sorry guys to hear that, my thoughts would be that in time of crisis, with 3 and Virgin offering cheaper deals every day, major networks are loosing money & customers, trying to keep us by promising stuff they can’t deliver. I received many calls over the last months (upgrade at the end of september), about 3 to 5 calls a week, since I only wanted the HTC Desire HD, I kept asking “can you guarantee me a delivery date in the next 7 days”, after a month, they couldn’t gaurantee anything, told them to take one, Amazon did deliver, for £469 (comes up cheaper than with a contract for 2 years). Vodafone should watch it, their popularity took a hit with this Desire HD mess. Friends of mine with pre-orders from mid september are still waiting…


  20. Jon says:

    Yes Vodafone have really messed this one up by being inconsistent in communication and customer service but I would also blame the supplier as I have heard that some people who pre-ordered on Amazon (or other networks) are still waiting as HTC are struggling to keep up with demand. In defense of Vodafone their online customer services team have been very good in discounting my new contract until it arrives and keeping me informed of whats going on. I would also add that the reason I am still staying on Voda is that in my area i get the best signal with them as opposed to other networks like Orange or O2 as I used to have very little or often no data or voice signal with those networks.
    I do have a question though about buying from Amazon though as you say its cheaper.
    An 18month contract at £40pm is £720. Buying the phone outright at £469 and then say putting a pay monthly sim card in for 18months at £20pm is £829…obviously this is just one example but would be cheaper on the contract.

  21. Ross says:

    My contract was due to expire on 10th November and normal customer service channels could only offer a wildfire as an upgrade on my £30 a month plan.
    Emailed Voda to say cancel my plan and i am now waiting for a DHD which i was told would come in around 7 days,New contract takes effect immediately but since this is only going to cost £480 over 2 years (do the maths)i dont really care if the phone takes a month to arrive.
    Sometimes it pays to dig your heels in

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