Virgin Media to roll out 100Mbps broadband this week?

Darren Allan

October 25, 2010

It seems that the roll out of Virgin Media’s much awaited 100Mbps super-fast broadband service may start this week.

PC Advisor reports that this is the case according to David Cameron, who hinted that the launch was coming at some point in the next four days in a speech at the annual conference of the CBI (Confederation of British Industry).

Virgin won’t confirm this, although of course, last week it began an advertising campaign featuring Speedy Gonzales (and a billboard made of cheese in Covent Garden) for its super-fast broadband. That suggests the roll out is close at hand.

All Virgin would say to PC Advisor is that the company is “excited that we will soon be revealing the details of our new ultra-fast 100Mbps service.” The question being, how soon is soon?

Last week, BT revealed its super-fast fibre plans, going a notch better than Virgin with 110Mbps connections promised. However, BT won’t begin the introduction of that service until March 2011.


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  1. Stuart Halliday says:

    No takers that VM will launch 120Mb instead?

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