MySpace is revamped as “social entertainment” site

Darren Allan

October 27, 2010

Ailing social networking site MySpace is attempting to spark some more traffic having implemented a redesign and another shift in philosophy.

The US led revamp marks a shift from a focus on people, to a focus on content, although that doesn’t mean the site has done away with individual profiles, of course.

The content will focus on the music and entertainment side, which MySpace has leaned towards for a while now since it was dwarfed by Facebook’s colossal success (and currently half a billion strong user base).

“Social entertainment” is MySpace’s new buzz-phrase for its fresh approach. The site boasts a new layout with more streamlined cleaner lines, and also promises a more personalised experience.

Content will be recommended based on your known interests, and new tools such as the Discovery Tab and “Right Now on MySpace” feature will show users what’s trending on the site at a glance.

It’s expected that the new MySpace will be rolled out over in this country soon, with the site promising that everyone will be on the revamped format before the end of November.


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