Apple iPad engraving available for Christmas

Darren Allan

October 27, 2010

Apple is to offer customers the option of having their iPad gifts engraved this Christmas.

Rumours that this would be the case started back in July, and it seemed a likely prospect as this is a service Apple already offers with its iPod.

The engraved message can consist of up to two lines on the back of the iPad, and the service isn’t charged for.

However, Apple has made it clear that engraved tablets will be non-refundable. Also, they will take slightly longer to ship, too.

The service will be offered beyond Christmas, as well, so if you want to get someone a “Happy Birthday” engraved iPad next year, that will be possible.

What would you have inscribed on the back of your iPad? “Mr Jobs makes exceedingly good tablets”, perhaps?

The iPad has certainly been selling strongly this year, with Apple expected to shift around 12 to 13 million units of the tablet by the time 2011 has rolled merrily in.

Rivals are now hitting the marketplace, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab arriving on Monday. However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently hit out at these 7 inch models, calling the display too small for a great app experience.

Apple was rumoured to be preparing a 7 inch version of the iPad, although the CEO’s comments pretty much killed off that idea.


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