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October 27, 2010

White iPhone 4 not due until spring 2011

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by Darren Allan

The white iPhone 4 is becoming the stuff of legends. Not because it’s so keenly awaited, but more because we’re starting to think that rather like the white unicorn, it’s a thing of myth.

Or we would be, if Stephen Fry hadn’t been showing off and waving around his “only white iPhone 4 in Europe” recently. That sight prompted speculation that the white iPhone would finally be available very soon, and hopefully in time for Christmas.

Not so, apparently, because Reuters has reported another delay in bringing the snowy smartphone into mass production. Apple is now saying it won’t be arriving until spring 2011.

And we’d take that with a pinch of ironically white salt, as this is the third time a delay has been announced for the alternatively coloured iPhone 4.

Apple gave no explanation for the hold up, although it has previously been stated that it’s due to difficulties with the manufacturing process. A spokeswoman from the company simply said that they were sorry to disappoint waiting customers.

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