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October 28, 2010

Firefox 4 held up until next year

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by Darren Allan

It seems that Firefox 4 won’t be with us in 2010 as was originally planned by Mozilla.

The fourth version of the web browser will now be out in early 2011, according to the updated release schedule. The final beta is planned for December.

In a Mozilla developer post, Product Manager Mike Beltzner explained that bug squashing and ironing out instabilities is taking longer than anticipated, but the company won’t rush the release to get it out the door. (Games companies, are you listening?).

Beltzner says that strong progress is still being made daily, and that the “frequent beta releases have been extremely helpful in identifying compatibility issues with existing web content, so we plan on continuing to release beta milestones through the end of December.”

He finishes his statement by noting, as ever, that the schedule is just an estimation of a final release date.

Story link: Firefox 4 held up until next year

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