Google Nexus Two from Samsung or Motorola?

Darren Allan

October 28, 2010

Yesterday, rumours hit the net that Google is in fact preparing a successor to the Nexus One smartphone.

Which was a big surprise to us, given that the Nexus One wasn’t exactly a stomping hit, and indeed Google has specifically said in the past that there wouldn’t be a follow up to the handset.

Anyway, the rumour, initially carried by the City AM paper, holds that the phone will come with Gingerbread and will be a Carphone Warehouse exclusive, quite a specific detail.

Given that Gingerbread is imminent, this makes some sense too, and now further rumours are pointing to the fact that Samsung, not HTC this time round, will manufacture the smartphone.

Softpedia reports that Samsung is launching an Android mobile carrying Gingerbread on November 8th, and this could potentially be the Nexus Two.

However, is carrying a report which suggests Motorola could be the manufacturer charged with producing the Nexus Two. This is because the co-CEO of the company, Sanjay Jha, said that one of this year’s crop of Motorola smartphones would be sold direct to the consumer in conjunction with Google.

And furthermore, Wired points out that leaks have suggested a Gingerbread handset coming from Motorola in the next couple of months sporting a powerful dual-core processor.

Of course, both these companies could just have Gingerbread handsets coming out soon, neither of which are the Nexus Two. We’ll find out in the next few weeks, one way or another.


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