Xbox Kinect ahead of PS3 Move this Christmas

Darren Allan

October 28, 2010

In the battle of the motion control systems for the Xbox and PS3 consoles, it seems that Microsoft’s Kinect may get the better of Sony’s Move.

Such is the word from a number of early studies and surveys. Firstly, we have the Duracell survey which emerged earlier this week. It discovered youngsters wanted the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as their most wanted presents (whatever happened to a stick and a hoop, along with an orange).

But fourth in the list behind the Apple gadgets was Kinect, with 6% of kids plumping for that as their favoured Xmas pressie. Move was back in eighth place with 4%.

TechRadar pointed out a study by research firm Ipsos, which named Kinect as the most popular piece of gaming hardware in the UK on the run up to Christmas. It found 13% of those questioned were planning on purchasing a Kinect, compared to 11% for the Move.

Research in America is also coming up with similar results. An IDC study highlighted by PC World attempted to predict the user base of both motion controllers in six months time.

The results? The Kinect will have between 2.9 and 4.1 million users, and Move 2.5 to 3.6 million. So roughly the guesstimate is 3.5 million for Kinect versus 3 million for Move.

Microsoft is certainly planning on doing everything it can to make Kinect big, with a $500 million marketing spend in what the Corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios called its “biggest platform launch ever”.

While the Move is already on sale and has been for over a month now, Kinect launches in two weeks time.


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  1. Des says:

    Pre ordered mine, had a go of one and it is very impressive.

  2. Tom Tom says:

    I dont think Natal/Kinect/EyeToy is anywhere near as good as move. No chance at all.


  3. extraverta says:


    M$ could have ony released 50 Kinects… we dont know how many are being release on the day xboxers are calling ‘Lagfest’…

  4. PhilA says:

    “the day xboxers are calling ‘Lagfest’…”

    I don’t know what Xboxers you are talking to, but all of my friends with 360s (me included) are looking forward to the release of Kinect - have any called it “Lagfest”? No, I think you’re making that up.

    Yes, the precision is better on the Move, but the Kinect is cheaper (for 2 players), easier to use and has speech recognition, so it’s more fun for the casual gamers - my girlfriend’s daughters (5 & 7 years old) have seen it and would LOVE to be able to jump around to play a game rather than sitting on a couch wobbling your hands about!

  5. gameonbro says:

    awwww the poor ps3 fangirls are getting all nervous. boo hooo hoo.

    anywho get over it. here’s how this will go down i can see it now. lets do the math of the 2.9 vs 2.5 users.

    if only 16% of those users buy an extra controller the number of move sales would be equal to that of microsoft.

    this is like comparing people needing wheels for a unicycle to a car.

  6. Allen says:

    LOL, Once Kinect is released it will show just how much it is only aimed at kids and how inaccurate it is.

    PS Move has released without any problems, 1.5 Million sold in 1 month. Those are really strong sales numbers.

    Xbox is focused arount shooters, well you can’t shoot without a button. Also the driving is a joke, no brake, no accelorator.

    Move has great titles, kids, family and hardcore. Kinect has no good titles appealing to anyone over 12.

    The PS3 320GB Move bundle is the hottest give to give this Christmas IMO.

  7. shadow says:

    Move is better but Wii is just better than both

  8. Interestx says:

    Kinect is selling well according to the sold out shops and the pre-order situation.

    You have to laugh at the PS3 fanboys, first they claimed that Kinect needed too much space to work properly…..then it turns out that Move’s ‘ideal’ space requirement is exactly the same.
    Then they went on and on about claims Kinect is laggy, then it turns out so is Move.
    Then they moaned about a lack of ‘hardcore games’…..whilst Move is a tacked on after-thought on everything (barring a couple of similar ‘casula games) it appears on.


  9. Mark says:

    Someone want to point out that Playstation Move has ALREADY sold 2.5m units….

  10. nobrainer says:

    Surely this is a no brainer:

    Wii = Waggle Controller
    Kinect = Camera Controller

    Move = Waggle + Camera Controller

  11. Dweller says:

    I’ll buy a Move controller closer to xmas, where there are some games released that I’d play. It looks like an excellent controller but until there is something worth playing there is no point shelling out 30 quid.

    For Kinect there would have to be at least 4-5 decent games to justify the cost of 150quid. I think if M$ sells 4 million of these things there are going to be a lot of disappointed kids at xmas.
    Does Microsoft realise that there add on is more than a Wii?

  12. PS3 fanboys lol says:

    I don’t care how many anything sells but it’s just amazing how many PS3 fanboys are upset about this and are in denial despite seeing FACTS before their eyes.

    You fanboys are hilrious.

    But to stir it up a bit I would say -
    The release games on the PS3 Move are bad no one can deny that, MS have the best lineup by far and now they announced those 5 BRAND NEW core games for 2011 PS3 Move looks to be the loser here….

  13. Rick says:

    man i could go on and on about why people who think kinect will be better than move are retarded.

    but i think i will not this time. i’m just gonna wait till november and december when this things SELLS LIKE CRAZY, xbox homos laugh at us… then shortly next year people will have had enough time with this kinect CRAP to realize how CRAPPY it will be and software sales, hardware sales, and POPULARITY will ALL FLOP watch.

    just WATCH.

  14. Emil says:

    ????? 500$ million marketing cost??????????

    even if they sell 3.5 million units * 150$ = 525$ and they profit is max 50% per unit = 265$ million income - 500 million costs = 237 million loss!!

    Move had 1million marking spent. I just cannot believe someone would waste 0.5 billion $$$$!!!

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