Xbox Live is played a billion hours per month

Darren Allan

October 30, 2010

It seems that over a billion gaming hours are logged every single month on Xbox Live.

At least that’s the story on Larry Hryb’s blog, Microsoft’s Director of Programming for Xbox Live (more commonly known as Major Nelson).

Other interesting snippets of Xbox Live data which Hryb points out in his blog post include the fact that 42 million Xbox consoles have been sold to date across 35 countries.

Also, 25 million members of Xbox Live are spending more than 30 hours per month playing on the service.

Finally, the amount of time spent watching TV programmes and movies on the Xbox has increased by 157% in the last year. 42% of Live Gold members in the States watch an average of an hour of TV or film on their console every day.


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  1. Alex b says:

    glad 2 b part of this statistic haha

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