PayPal hit by global outage

Darren Allan

November 1, 2010

This weekend PayPal was brought down worldwide by a hardware issue, and according to some reports, UK users are still experiencing problems today.

On Friday, the online payment service was hit by a network hardware failure in one of the company’s data centres which resulted in the global disruption.

The CTO of the company, Scott Guilfoyle, posted on the PayPal blog: “Everyone in our organization was immediately engaged to identify the issue and get PayPal back up and running. We were not able to switch over to our back up systems as quickly as planned.”

Guilfoyle says the problem hit at 8am on the Friday morning, and they had resolved the issue by 9.30am, but then a second “interruption” began at 11.30am and lasted for another hour.

However, some folks posting on that blog piece claimed the service still wasn’t working yesterday, and indeed several sources on the net are reporting that PayPal is still not functioning properly now.

PayPal insists there are no system wide problems plaguing the service any longer. PayPal also stated that it is looking into the issue further to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Any readers having trouble still?


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  1. Uriel V. Arancillo says:

    Hi there! im from philippines & i can’t create an account on paypal coz i think it is still not working.

  2. Lenka says:

    Hi.i purchased an item,paid for it at the weekend(no issues) but the seller claims he didn’t receive the money!

  3. shadow says:

    Wow bad times

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